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The Installer/Owner, PRIOR to installation, should perform a detailed product quality inspection. The Installer/Owner has the final inspection responsibility as to grade, color and factory finish of the products. If the flooring is not acceptable for any reason at the time of this final inspection, please do NOT install the flooring and contact the seller immediately. When installing, please be selective.  Do NOT use materials that are not acceptable as to grade, manufacture or factory finish.

*ALSTON INC. will NOT be responsible for flooring with visual defects AFTER it has been installed.

BEFORE the installation of "ALSTON" brand flooring, the Installer/Owner must meet or exceed the minimum requirements as to the preparation of the Job Site environments and the Installation of the Sub-surfaces involved. ALSTON INC. cannot be held liable for job failures associated to, or as a direct result of sub-surface or job site environment deficiencies

SUB-FLOOR MOISTURE TEST must be PERFORMED and RECORDED onto the concrete PRIOR to the actual installation of ALSTON Flooring.

*Failure to do so WILL VOID the Warranty.


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