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Harrington Maple
Harrington Maple Harrington Maple

Available Sizes:

1/2"x3-1/2"xRL up to 7'
1/2"x4-3/4"xRL up to 7'
1/2"x7"xRL up to 7'

Sqft per box:
3-1/2" = 35 sqft/box
-- 4-3/4" = 32 sqft/box
-- 7" = 25 sqft/box

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Harrington MAPLE

Harrington Maple with its rich burgundy color adds distinction to any room.This color is often compared to a rich Merlot wine that will define your home as elegant and sophisticated. This product can be sanded and refinished multiple times due to its very thick wear layer.

We only source raw materials from reliable and environmental responsible suppliers. This product is FSC certified and CARB phase II complaint; Lacey Act Compliant. Not only we use FORMALDEHYDE FREE adhesive during our manufacturing process, our unique 3-layer construction method uses up to 90% less chemicals in our flooring when compared to other multilayer plywood backing flooring on the market. This is a Green Product so it will qualify for LEED points.

The thick 4mm SAWN wear layer on this product has a closed, subdued grain pattern with medium figuring, and uniform texture. Also a SAWN veneer is more stable than the common peeled veneers. These boards will have some degree of variation in terms of color, tone, and grain. Natural wood characteristics such as knots, mineral streaks and some man-made filler marks are to be expected in this product. This product is offered in 3-1/2", 4-3/4" and 7" widths, which are packaged in separate boxes. The floor can be installed with the combination of 3-1/2" and 4-3/4", or 3-1/2", 4-3/4" and 7" or it can be installed in single width preferences.


Since we manufacture all of our products in our very own mill, you can also use other colors/species of our flooring for borders, OR mix and match any of our product lines for a custom installation, which is truly--YOURS!

Finishes: Alston's exclusive "Anti-Scratch" and "Anti-Abrasive" UV cured polyurethane coating system with Aluminum Oxide.

Hardness/Janks: Approx. 1260

Durability: Dense, strong, tough, stiff, excellent shock resistance and resistant to abrasive wear.

Installation Methods: Glue down, Staple down, Float, Float over Radiant Heat*

  • 100% Pre-installation Satisfaction Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty*
  • Residential 25 years Finish Warranty*
  • Limited 3 years light commercial Finish Wear Warranty*
  • Limited Moisture Warranty*

*Certain restrictions apply. Please refer to detailed warranty information included in each box of our flooring.


7' / pc
Matching specie
Matching color

7' / pc
Matching specie
Matching color

Base Board
7' / pc
Matching specie
Matching color

End Cap
7' / pc
Matching specie
Matching color

Stair Nosing
7' / pc
Matching specie
Matching color

Stair Tread
12"D x 48" W

Can be custom ordered to fit



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